Today I Wear Pearls

beaded gray necklace
beaded gray necklace
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Today, I wear pearls.

I wear pearls because they signify something beautiful that came from an injury.

I wear pearls because they indicate class and elegance.

I wear pearls for all brown girls who have ever been made to feel like they don’t belong.

I wear pearls for all the women in a man’s world, who have ever been told they can’t do the job.

I wear pearls for anyone who is constantly made to feel between “too much” of something, and “not enough” of something else.

I wear pearls for all the “sweetie’s,” “honey’s,” and “darlin’s” we’ve ever had to endure.

I wear pearls for all the times a man shook another man’s hand, and then another’s, and then skipped you.

I wear pearls because 100 years ago, women could not vote; and then today, we proved we can lead the free world.

I wear pearls because we don’t just make babies and run a household; we can run companies and countries, too!

I wear pearls because executively speaking, we went from “grab’em by the (expletive)” to “excuse me, I’m speaking” in four years flat.

I wear pearls because today, we wrote her story into history.

I wear pearls because today, there is a “Madame” in front of the words “Vice President of the United States”.

I wear pearls because while we struggle, we always overcome.

I wear pearls because we ladies have to have each others’ backs.

I wear pearls so my daughter knows she, too, could run the country someday if she worked really hard and wanted to.

I wear pearls because behind every successful #1, there’s a bombass #2.

I wear pearls in honor of the new MVP!

Today’s a day to celebrate. Today, we got’em by the pearls, girls.

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