Today I Wear Pearls

Today, I wear pearls. I wear pearls because they signify something beautiful that came from an injury. I wear pearls because they indicate class and elegance. I wear pearls for all brown girls who have ever been made to feel like they don’t belong. I wear pearls for all the women in a man’s world,Continue reading “Today I Wear Pearls”

Modern Meditations on Politics & Anti-Social Media

Politics From the Greek politika, meaning “things concerning the polis,” “polis” meaning the city, or the people. The Greeks gave us political philosophy and the idea of democracy. This evolved away from a system where power was held by a single person, usually a king, and gave it to the citizens, which is what weContinue reading “Modern Meditations on Politics & Anti-Social Media”

What Do We Tell the Children

My sisters, my friends. The last paragraph of my last post came to me as I tried to muster some form of comfort to speak to my baby sister, who is a few years my junior, but missed a lot of the good stuff we came up with. Sadly, her time has been wrought withContinue reading “What Do We Tell the Children”

The Difference Between Symbolism and Patriotism: NFL, Protests, Racism, and Our Nation

Consider This I’ve read about people boycotting the NFL because the players were kneeling for the anthem, and other such drama still surrounding these anthem protests.  So, somehow, this protest on the field has spurred a protest of its own. I’m so dang tired of hearing everybody be so quick to pick a fight beforeContinue reading “The Difference Between Symbolism and Patriotism: NFL, Protests, Racism, and Our Nation”

USA 2020.

I’ll confess. I have lived most of my life fairly ignorant of politics. Politics have always seemed to me a necessary evil, where people go to sell their souls for votes, and they’ll lie to you quicker than an old car salesman. I’ve always been concerned more on the inner person, how a person feels/Continue reading “USA 2020.”

City Council

MEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 11/3/2020 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. -PHILLIPPIANS 2:3-4 You might ask, what qualifications/ characteristics do I possess that would make me a good council member… IContinue reading “City Council”

The Video that Set the World on Fire (George Floyd)

I was talking to an officer friend of mine the other day, and we were talking about the riots. I said I don’t condone it but I could understand the anger. Do you really believe they haven’t been gaslit at every turn? Every time, they are told how to feel about it, and how toContinue reading “The Video that Set the World on Fire (George Floyd)”

Passages Against Racism

I’ve spent a lifetime being quiet. But I feel like I can’t do that any longer. Because there’s a time to be quiet, and there’s a time to get mad. I have a lifetime full of friends that are suffering right now, who are extremely uncomfortable at all of this, and I’m going to sayContinue reading “Passages Against Racism”

Something to Remember this November…

Here’s what we have to remember, folks.  No matter what happens in November, WE are still going to have to find a way to coexist.  We, who share offices and classrooms and hallways. That’s why I don’t get all of this blame-game finger-pointing and scapegoating.  All of this separation, and hate, and bald-faced ugliness.  WhenContinue reading “Something to Remember this November…”

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