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Welcome to my blog. My primary goals are to share my experience and leave the world a better place than I found it. These thoughts, these words, these lessons contained herein keep happening to me until I speak them or write them down and fully learn everything I can from them. The work of this page is to sort those thoughts. I’ll explore the things I’ve learned, the things that keep me wondering, the things that have saved my life, and the things that get me by from day to day at home, work, and in all the moments in between.

I believe in women lifting up other women, and people helping people. All of that, though, has to begin with self-love and self-acceptance. For a person like me, those things are a little harder to come by. So, this will be a journey. This is where we take the things that tried to break us, and rip them open for all to see. This is where we claim our power back. This is where we can simply be and not be judged. Here, I’m taking on my vulnerabilities and I’m turning them into my strengths. Here is where we turn pain into power. This is a place for healing and growing.

Yes, I am an overthinker. No, I can not just ‘calm down’. I have learned a lot about myself, about people, about business, marriage, family, and career. I will share it here for you. The world has taught me things and shown me things I cannot keep to myself.

Thanks for joining me. Here, nobody is alone.


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